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Nov 28, 2014

Tata Docomo keeps 'Bhalai ki supply' going

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Contract Advertising here

Tata Docomo continues the Bhalai ki supply campaign with two more light hearted ad films conceptualised by Contract Advertising.
The ad films look to point out that the 'sharing jokes and videos on social media can turn into an act of greater good'.
One of the ad films titled 'Faalooda' shows a young man laughing at a forwarded joke received on his cellphone. He puts the phone away and gets back to reading. A voice over tuts at him for not sparing a thought for his roommate who at that very moment is probably dancing at the tunes of his bosses and trying to retain whatever is left of his self-respect after a grueling presentation. The narration urges the young man to forward the joke to his friend to lift his spirits thus continuing the ‘Bhalai Ki Supply’. The ad film expands on the data plan an ends with the brand's logo and tagline as a sign off.

The second ad film opens inside a pressure cooker factory assembly line, where an over-qualified MBA graduate who studied in Singapore is now working at the family-owned unit in Belapur in a highly monotonous and labour-intensive job. Yet, a wave of relief hits him whenever he receives a simple forwarded joke. A voice over similar to the one in the ad above prompts the graduate's friend (who is only mentioned not shown) to imagine the relief a gossip-filled call could bring to him. The ad likens the relief to a snowball on a sweltry day or to two dolphins in an ocean. The ad urges people to keep the 'Bhalai ki supply' going and to use the benefits of Tata Docomo's data plans to bring relief to one's contacts. The ad film expands on the data plan an ends with the brand's logo and tagline as a sign off.
Gurinder Singh Sandhu, marketing head, Tata Docomo, said, “These Tata Docomo ads tie in well, through a comical twist, with the fact that most millennials today are keen to make a positive difference in the world around them. The tag-line of ‘Chaloo rakho bhalai ki supply’ connects with the fact that our data plans offer abundant data for customers to use, spread happiness and better the life experience with mobiles. The ads also showcase the sheer width of our product offering, including voice and data, which enable customers to communicate to their heart’s content.” 
Client: Tata Docomo
Creative agency: Contract Advertising
Marketing head: Gurinder Singh Sandhu
Team Contact:  Ashish Chakravarty, Mayur Hola, Kapil Mishra, Abhishek Chaswal, Sidhant Mago, Rupesh Sahay, Angud Bhalla, Umesh Grover, Gunjan Gaba, Nishant Saurabh, Sugato Roy
Production house: Early Man Film
Director: Ayappa
Producer: Anand Menon
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