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Sep 03, 2015

'Take matters into your own hands' says BharatMatrimony, promotes mobile app

Watch the ad film conceptualised by What's Your Problem here

Online matriomony portal BharatMatrimony has launched a digital campaign to urge users to download its mobile app. 
The campaign consists of three films conceptualised by What's Your Problem. 
Each film shows a different situation faced by people who are either looking to get married or are being asked to get married.
One of them (above) features a lady eating a ladoo (sweet) at a wedding. She asks someone whether he or she has found someone (to marry) yet. The scene repeats itself (played in a loop) to depict how people are actually faced with this question repeatedly. The film ends with a message: 'This will keep happening, till you take matters in your own hand by downloading BharatMatrimony's mobile app'.

Another film shows a girl reading a newspaper. She says, 'Horoscopes might match, but what about interests matching?' This message is also plays in a  loop and the film ends with the same message. 

A third film shows the plight of a man who's ready to marry, but can't find the right girl. This film too follows the pattern of the other two. 
Kaushik Tiwari, vice president - marketing,, said, "The brief was to get young guys and girls – between 20 to 25 years of age – download the Bharat Matrimony Mobile App. Since the objective was so clear we decided to do a mobile centric campaign. With effect that these films will be seen only when the consumer is on the mobile phone, and will be seen only by the target audience and no one else."
Amit Akali, managing partner and creative head, What's Your Problem, said, "The films were written in a way that they pushed the audience into downloading the app on their phones which they have in their hands at that point of time. – so it doesn’t stop at give you a CTA (Call To Action) but actually makes you take action. They are interactive – and the solution is literally in the consumer’s hands. So the consumer can literally stop the aunty from going on, by pressing click and downloading the app. Only the mobile and digital medium allows you to be as action oriented."
Hammad Khan, director – servicing and technology, What's Your Problem, added, "It also allows us to be focused – so we shot three different films, one showing an aunty ‘going on’, one showing a guy ‘going on’ and one showing a girl. And each of these films will be targeted to different consumers. Which means girls won’t see the films targeted for guys. As creative people it’s amazing that the mobile medium allows us that kind of targeting and that kind of focus. And we can specifically make communication for different people. Therefore it allows us to dwell into their psyche and play on it, getting them to hopefully take action, faster. We are obviously doing some promotions and digital activation to get the right TG to see the ads."
Client: BharatMatrimony
Client team: Kaushik Tiwari, K S Rajasekar, Akhil Jain, Michael  M Bala
Agency: What's Your Problem
Managing partner and creative head: Amit Akali
Direct, content and creative: Huzefa Roowala
Director – servicing and technology: Hammad Khan
Post supervisor: Saurabh Pal
Editing: Jitesh Bane
Assistant director: Aditi Naikar
Account executive: Santosh Kardak
Art (visual graphics): Shahbaz Khan
Social media executive: Shahid  Shaikh


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