#SwitchOff to reignite the spark in your relationships says vivo

In its thought-provoking campaign, SwitchOff, vivo, the global innovative smartphone manufacturer, is encouraging people to not only be physically but also mentally present with one another

Dec 29, 2022 09:53:00 AM | Video | Partner Content

Launched in December 2019, this is the fourth edition of vivo’s #SwitchOff campaign that highlights the impact of excessive usage of smartphones on human relationships. As part of this year’s campaign focusing on spousal relationships, vivo's new video is based on the findings of the vivo-Cyber Media Research (CMR) study. 
Titled ‘Impact of Smartphones on Spousal Relationships 2022,’ the report uncovered some stark realities, like, for instance, that 88% of married Indians believe that the excessive use of smartphones is hurting their marriage and that 60% use their smartphones through what should be family time. 
The study also reveals that smartphones have become an integral part of life. As many as 84% of those surveyed said smartphones have become an extension of their bodies. Besides, 72% of respondents admitted to getting so absorbed in their smartphones that they lose track of their surroundings. 86% revealed that the phone is the last thing they look at before going to bed. 
Released to create awareness and initiate a dialogue, vivo India’s latest video is an attempt to caution people about these disturbing trends so that they can Switch off their phones and switch on their relationships.
In the video, a young man is so preoccupied with checking his emails that he fails to notice that his wife, lying beside him, is unwell. It takes an email from his wife to draw his attention to that fact, and his wife reminds him how attentive he used to be earlier. The man is so struck by his negligence and the difference in the quality of their relationship that he switches his phone off and apologizes to his wife. 
This year, the campaign also leverages artificial intelligence to help people re-imagine their love stories. Couples who enter their details on the ‘rekindl’ website see an instant fairy-tale created with the two of them at the heart of it. The fun gimmick intends to rekindle the spark in relationships, and as users scroll down, they are once again reminded to #SwitchOff and focus on their real-life fairy tale.   
Committed to putting their customers first, vivo India felt it was vital to highlight these messages. As Yogendra Sriramula, head - brand strategy, vivo India, says, “The significance of a smartphone in today’s life is undisputed. However, the usage of gadgets shouldn’t eat into the amount of quality time one gets to spend with one’s family. As a responsible brand, we wanted to underscore the importance of paying due attention to one’s loved ones even while enjoying the benefits of technology.” 
The fourth edition of vivo’s ‘Switch Off’ report, with its supporting video and AI tool, certainly makes for a heart-touching and eye-opening campaign.