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Oct 21, 2014

Sunfeast Bounce promises to turn even mortal enemies into friends

Watch the TVC conceptualised by FCB Ulka here

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ITC Foods has rolled out an animated ad film for the launch of its ‘Sunfeast Bounce’ cream biscuits. The film has been conceptualised by FCB Ulka and was released on 15 October. 
The film's protagonists are a crocodile and monkey. The crocodile reads a book of monkey jokes, as it leisurely floats around in the water. It is dragged out of the water and hung from a tree by the mischievous monkey. As the crocodile frees itself, the two animals lock horns. The Sunfeast mascot breaks up the confrontation by keeping a packet of biscuits on a nearby tree. Looking at which, the sparring duo race each other to it. Unfortunately, both animals are hindered by obstacles in front of them. The crocodile is unable to climb a tree and the monkey can’t cross a river. Realising that the only way to get to the biscuits is by working together, the two join hands. Having gotten the  biscuits, they enjoy the spoils together with a song and dance.
Dennis Koshy, vice president, FCB Ulka, Bengaluru, said, “In the cluttered cream biscuits space, the challenge was to bring alive a delightfully memorable product experience in a differentiated manner to both the kid and the mother. We used popular storybook characters that everyone in India is familiar with, in unexpected roles to engage and surprise both the child and the adult.” 
Client: Sunfeast Biscuits
Creative agency: FCB Ulka
Creative team: Dharmesh, Ram Krishnan and Yuveline Titus
Account management: Vignesh Babu, Tanushree and Dinakar
Account planning: Menaka Menon
Agency producers: Alpa Jobalia, Sukrith Rao
Production house: Eeksaurus Productions
Director: E Suresh
Producer: Nilima Eriyat
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