Snapdeal reveals new identity, invites India to 'Unbox Zindagi'

Watch the ad film conceptualised by McCann Erickson here

Sep 20, 2016 04:56:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Snapdeal has revealed a new identity and rolled out an ad campaign for the same. The brand has adopted the theme ‘Unbox Zindagi’ and this is manifest in the new brand campaign.
The film shows people from different age groups open packages from Snapdeal. A boy opens the box to reveal cricket stumps, a lady opens a box with a pair of ghungroos, a couple give one of their mothers knitting wool and a young girl takes pen out of the parcel. 
The boy gets to work. Consciously, he plants just one stump to bowl at. The lady is excited to see her ghungroo. The lady who receives a gift from the couple is happy to see the message 'See you dadi', indicating that they are expecting. The young girl gets to work by penning her thoughts on paper. Yet another girl is shown trying out a sari. On her hip is a tattoo that reads, 'Live everyday'. The film ends with the boy knocking the stump down, the lady dancing with the ghungroo on, and Snapdeal revealing its new identity. The poetic soundtrack ends with the VO saying, 'Sirf baksein nahin, ummeeden kholo' (Not just boxes, open hope).
Another film promoting the brand’s new app was conceptualised by Famous Innovations. The animated film shows products from a tie to television and more headed in one direction, going on to form the brand’s new logo.

Famous Innovations revealed that it is working on another film for Diwali for the e-commerce brand.