Campaign India Team
Aug 06, 2015

ShopClues points to pointless daily commute, pushes 'Ghar wapsi' sale

Watch the ad films conceptualised by Enormous here

ShopClues has rolled out three more films to promote its 6 to 9 pm ‘Ghar Wapsi’ (Return home) sale. The campaign has been conceptualised by Enormous.
One of them (above) features a man seated in a bus looking out of the window at a bull. Each day, a buffalo named Kamali at the Munerka signal stares at him, he reveals, as the bus approaches the signal yet again. But what did he get? Nothing. The brand urges people to get on to their mobiles instead, which he does, and participate in ShopClues' Ghar Wapsi sale.  

Another film follows a man in a crowded local metro. The voice over urges him to free his hand from the rod above, since the bus is packed with people like fruits in a box and doesn’t really need the support.  The film urges use of his mobile with the free hands to shop.

Yet another film in the series features a lady looking out of her car at a food vendor. A male voice over talks about the random and pointless thoughts that are going on in the protagonist's head on the origin of the name ‘momo’. It points out to the audience that they too think of such complicated questions on a daily basis without getting anything out of it. The narrator urges viewers to pay attention to their mobile phones and take part in ShopClues' Ghar wapsi sale instead, promising a range of products and deals.
Creative agency: Enormous 
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