takes a strong stand against dowry with #Notforsale endeavour

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Apr 14, 2016 10:02:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team has rolled out a new film for ShaadiCares - a social initiative to tackle the ills of marriage. With an aim is to change the mindset and behaviour of people in India, the film takes a stand against dowry. ​The film was executed by a bunch of enthusiastic newbies who wanted to work on social cause, informed the ​office of
The film opens with 25-year-old Dinesh from Mumbai saying how he has to travel 30 kilometers to reach his office, and he has been travelling since last five years in train. He further says that if he got a flat in dowry, his travelling time would considerably reduce and he would have more time to spend with his wife. He says that when he was offered a flat by bride's parents, he refused without giving it a second thought. He says that he won't sell himself for dowry. 
"I am not for sale. Are you?" he asks as the film closes with the message 'End of dowry begins with you'.
​Commenting on the launch of the new social initiative, Aditya Save, CMO,, said “It is heartening to see that young men no longer think dowry is acceptable. And, we wanted to reflect this strong point of view through #NotForSale.” ​
He also added, “It’s always difficult to draw attention to a problem that we all know about already. With our #NotForSale initiative, this is our effort to shake off the lethargy of knowledge and help sections of society reevaluate their actions. We would urge everyone to share their feedback. We all need to chip in if we are to see the end of these social evils.”​ 
DOP and producer: Kartik Katkar
Director: Sunny Sharma