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Jan 02, 2017

Samsung showcases service reach with heart-warming story

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Cheil India here

Samsung has rolled out a four-minute film to showcase its service reach. The film has been conceptualised by Cheil India.
It opens with a conversation between Amit (a service representative from Samsung) and a lady. Amit assures the lady that he will be there to repair her television before 7 pm. He gets into the Samsung service car and is driven across the hills. He's faced by road blocks in the form of a tree fallen and a herd of sheep, but the will to get him to his destination doesn't deteriorate. On a call during the travel he assures the lady that he'll be there before 7 pm. As he gets to the house, he's surprised to be greeted by a blind lady. The lady takes him in and guides him to the television that needs to be repaired. She asks him again if it'll be repaired on time. Amit reassures her and does so. The lady hears the sound from the television, and goes on to ring a bell. With that she makes an announcement about a show that's about to begin. Hearing that, children who are also devoid of vision, run towards the television room. The lady asks Amit for the remote and switches to a channel showcasing a reality show. The first contestant on the show, Prerna, is greeted by applause. It's revealed that the lady was hoping for her television to be repaired in time for this performance, as Prerna is a member of the hostel. The film ends with the man leaving the house, content with his efforts. The voice over explains, 'at times one must go further for the sake of relationships'. 
The film was added to Samsung India's YouTube page on 30 December 2016.
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