Roadster invites youth to 'the road' to a whole new life

Watch the film conceptualised by Brave New World Communications here

Feb 09, 2016 10:51:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Myntra has rolled out a TVC for its outdoor apparel sub-brand 'The Roadster Life Co.'. The film has been conceptualised by Brave New World Communications and went on air post a social media release on 27 January 2016. 
The film features three different stories converging into one. A young man stands on a cliff by the sea taking in the view, wearing just a pair of denims, as the voice over says, 'The road is always here. Laid out like a million-mile invitation, waiting for you'. A young man and woman are seated by a fire in the middle of nowhere. Their Royal Enfields suggest that they are on a long trip, and the bags with red crosses indicate medical supplies. A young woman emerges from the thick green forest as the voice over continues, 'Sometimes you can barely see it'. The young man on the cliff explores the rough sea, the couple on bikes brave their way through a sand storm, and the woman in the forest notices tiger paw-prints, and sets up a camera to capture the animal on film. As they carve their successes in their chosen paths, the voice over says, 'The road is an invitation to a whole new life. And it is calling'.
Joono Simon, CEO and CCO, Brave New World, said, "The challenge was to make Roadster relevant in an increasingly crowded category. Roadster is a young brand and social media has a powerful part to play – it was important for the commercial to establish a context for sustainable two-way conversation. Creating a sense of scale was also vital – because the backdrop of the great outdoors is our real invitation. Once you accept it, Roadster has an enabling role to play in your life."
Client: Myntra 
Creative agency: Brave New World Communications
Founder and CCO: Joono Simon
Creative team: Sraman Majumdar (Jijo), Nivina Hameed
Films: Aamina Shazi Arora
Account management: Keerthi Raju
Production house: Thinkpot Productions
Director (film): Manoj Pillai