Quikr creates MSP, rides Goan ferry to drive it home

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Quikr, in a campaign across TV, radio, outdoor and digital, is promoting a new tool it has launched, branded MSP -- for ‘Maximum Selling Price’. MSP, on the lines of MRP, helps Quikr.com users estimate the best price they can get for used goods they are looking to sell.
The campaign has been conceptualised by Scarecrow Communications.
The ad film opens at a colourful Goan jetty, where a ferry is getting filled with a carnival troupe and a car. Pedro, a stereotypical Goan, hands a note with an address to the ferry man asking him to deliver the car to Mr Fonseca, whom he has sold it to. A man fishing nearby, Murli, asks Pedro why he sold it for just Rs 40,000. He explains that if Pedro had sold it at MSP, he would have got more. He shows Pedro what MSP is on his tablet. Upon entering his car’s details, the tool shows its MSP to be Rs 1,50,000. Pedro is shocked. The duo take a cycle/pedal-boat and chase the ferry, with Pedro screaming that he will not sell his car at such a low price. They catch up with the ferry. Once on it, Pedro posts an ad for the car on Quikr, attracting buyers instantly. The film ends with Pedro happily counting the money and Murli saying, “No fikar, bech Quikr!” (Don’t worry, sell Quikr’).
Pranay Chulet, CEO, Quikr, said, “India is a very value conscious market and the sensitivity to price applies to both the sell side and buy side of any transaction. Sellers want to get the best price for whatever they are selling and, at the same time, the buyers also want to know whats a reasonable price for whatever they are buying. The problem in used good transactions is no one knows what the right price is. MSP gets to the heart of the problem and reduces the uncertainty that sellers and buyers face in these transactions. Its a price guideline based on enormous amounts of market data, we think it will change the way India buys and sells used goods."
Aparna Mahesh, brand head, Quikr, added, “Price and value will always be an important part of the Indian narrative. We believe a powerful tool like MSP will help overcome the inertia when it comes to selling old stuff lying at home. It will also make the entire process of selling/buying pre-owned goods more informed and less random. And the fact that MRP is so well ingrained in the minds of the people will make it easier for them to understand and appreciate the concept of MSP quickly."
Raghu Bhat, founder director, Scarecrow Communications, said, "There is a lot of information this communication had to convey. It had to explain what MSP is, how it benefits consumers and how to access MSP. One way to do that could have been an infomercial. But we chose to say this an engaging plot that has many 'unexpected' moments. We cast the supremely talented Marathi stage actor Abhijeet Chavan as he could essay the 5 moods - indifference, interest, surprise, anger and happiness within 35 seconds. We think the image of two guys pedalling furiously behind a ferry is something viewers will definitely remember and enjoy."
Unplugged moment:
Bhat said, “Even the shoot had an unexpected moment. During the water pedalling sequence, we spotted a crocodile in the waters! Thanks to the croc, we got some very realistic shots of Murli and Abhijeet pedalling furiously!”
Client: Pranay Chulet, Aparna Mahesh
Agency: Scarecrow Communications
Creative: Raghu Bhat, Manish Bhatt, Sarvesh Raikar, Ashok Lad, Yogesh Rijhwani, Noothan
Account management: Amitabh Sreedharan, Ankita Ray, Priyanshu Dixit
Production house: Pebble Films
Director and producer: Naren Multani
Assistant director: Devdutt Manjrekar
Music: Rohan Vinayak


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