Quick Heal proposes ‘101 uses for gadgets’ rendered useless

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Jun 28, 2013 02:35:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team Share - Share to Facebook

Security software maker Quick Heal Technologies has released a digital campaign titled ‘101 uses of gadgets’. The campaign driven by digital agency CogMat went live on YouTube on 3 June and is slated to run for a period of five weeks.

The campaign uses humour to emphasise that IT security for gadgets - smartphones, tablets and lap tops - is a necessity. This campaign targets individual users in the age group of 10 to 45 years who own these gadgets. Over the course of the campaign, the brand intends to give ‘101 uses’ for those gadgets that do not use the brand’s anti-virus software.

So far, the brand has released four films. One of the films titled ‘Episode 1’ features two young men playing a game of table tennis. One of the players is visible while the other is partly hidden from view. Seated around the table are two women - one of them following every move of the ball and the other one looking on uninterested. After the match, the player who was partly hidden from view is shown using his tablet as a racquet. He manages to defeat his opponent. The winner reveals his tablet and does a short victory jig. He is then shown wiping the tablet as the voice over explains: ‘101 uses of gadgets without Quick Heal’.



On the idea behind opting for a digital and a humour-based campaign, Sanjay Katkar, CTO and technical director, Quick Heal Technologies, said, "101 campaign is an attempt on our part to take digital marketing seriously and to reach out as we see a lot of potential in it. The digital world is more empowering, friendly, social - and it happens in real time. This was an amazing way to add the human element in the best possible way to our marketing efforts. And there is no better way than conveying our message in a lighter vein."

“A lot of times, a simple virus attack might result in the device getting hung, slowing down or being rendered useless. But people don’t realise that it could be a virus problem rather they reset the device or buy a new device. We want to generate more awareness about this, so that people can take proactive steps about such attacks,” Katkar added.

The films will be visible on the brand’s channel on YouTube and Facebook page, besides a dedicated microsite.


Client Quick Heal Technologies

Digital agency CogMat India

Client team Kailash Katkar, Sanjay Katkar

Production house: Composite