Campaign India Team
Jul 08, 2016

Pick of the week: SK-II inspires women to #DreamAgain, #ChangeDestiny

Watch the film by Leo Burnett Singapore here

SK-II is building on its #ChangeDestiny campaign, and making an impact.
Following ‘Marriage Mart Takeover’ that empowered single women who faced societal pressure to get married, the new work builds on the insight that women stop pursuing their dreams as they grow older.
The film captures scenes from counseling sessions with women who admit to giving up on their dreams. Their reasons for giving up on childhood dreams like visiting Italy, traveling the world, learning English or becoming a piano teacher, range from professional commitments to being tied up with housework to personal limitations and more. While a specialist fronts the counseling, it is revealed that small kids are in fact the drivers of the conversation. They encourage the women to keep dreaming. The film ends with the message:
‘Kids remind us what it feels like to dream.’
‘Dream Again. Change Destiny.’  
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