Parle G stresses on emotional intelligence in latest #GMaaneGenius leg

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Parle Products has launched the next leg of its #GMaaneGenius campaign. Comprising three films, it highlights the message "Jo auron ki khushi mein, paye apni khushi". The objective of the campaign is to invoke conversations among the audience about genius beyond cognitive intelligence. It aims to bring out the awareness of timeless values about finding happiness by helping others.
The TVCs have been conceptualised to highlight emotional intelligence in children; who are selfless and believe in goodness, happiness and wellbeing of others. It is an initiative from Parle Products recognising the importance of self-awareness to understand the surrounding with greater empathy. Each film looks to depict courage and generosity, and how parents are looking to ensure their children learn these core values early in their life.


Mayank Shah, senior category head, Parle Products, said, “We are excited to launch such a valuable campaign which is close to our beliefs for the Parle-G biscuits brand. The message – "In the joy of others lies our own", is the overall theme of the ads that showcase
qualities like empathy and kindness, which is much-needed in the world that we live in today. Emotional intelligence is not talked about or recognised in our early years that strengthens our character with self and social awareness. There is a need to walk that extra mile to support and make people happy. I hope that these films inspire and connect with our loyal customers and their strong association with Parle-G.”
Vinod Kunj, managing director and chief creative officer, Thought Blurb said, “For close to a century, Parle-G has been a part of the fabric of India and is a symbol of goodness for its people. It has straddled the platform of smartness and intelligence of children while owning the space of the genius of childhood. In the age of ‘self’, anxiety and self-preservation, little kids are naturally endowed with a deep sense of empathy but the environment of today kills that natural gift. We wanted to shine a light on this amazing ability kids have to make a difference, to touch our hearts and open our eyes to the people around us.”
Kunj added, “We knew we had an extraordinary opportunity to send a strong message to a generation of children trying to make sense of the world around them. The films bring out the sensitivity of children and how alive and alert they are to their surroundings. The protagonist in every film rises up to the occasion and comes up with intelligent solutions for their family, friends and community. This is true genius: To be able to make a difference to the world we live in.”
Client: Parle Products
Brand: Parle G
Senior category head: Mayank Shah
Product manager: Megha Thakare
Deputy brand manager: Dhaval Gurnani 
Creative agency: Thoughtblurb
Chief creative officer: Vinod Kunj
Executive creative director: Renu Somani
Senior creative director: Shahid Hussain
Executive director: Nidha Luthra
Brand solutions director: Israa Khan
Production house: Thunder Films
Director: Tarannum Pasricha


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