Paper Boat carries a dream, cruising on hope

Watch the film conceptualised by Humour Me here

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Drinks brand Paper Boat has launched an animated film, conceptualised and executed by Humour Me – Branded Entertainment. The film of 4 minutes and 25 seconds is titled ‘Hope, the Boat’.
The film tells the story of hope, manifest in a paper boat. A man in a sailor’s hat stares longingly at a picture showing ‘The Great Indian Cruise’. A sheet of paper blows in with the wind through an open window. He makes a paper boat from it, labels it ‘My Great Cruise’ and lets it afloat in a puddle on the road. The film thereafter follows the paper boat’s adventurous journey, through pleasant and not-so-pleasant times and climes, before it lands up in the ocean. There, the paper boat sees the dream cruise ship, and its creator sailing on it. He invites the paper boat to join the cruise, sailing behind the larger ship, alongside several others like it. The film ends with the message, ‘Every dream is a journey. May your paper boat carry you far.’       
The film went live on the brand’s YouTube channel on 13 September 2016.
Credits (via TouTube):
Concept and execution: Humour Me - Branded Entertainment 
Created: Dhruv Sachdeva
Directors: Dhruv Sachdeva, Clifford Afonso
Co-director: Tanvi Gandhi
Screenplay and story: Clifford Afonso, Dhruv Sachdeva, Aradhana Mathews
Executive producer: Ashray Sachdeva
Project head and client servicing: Gitana Singh
Sound score: Aradhana Mathews 
Sound score Arrangement & Sound Engineering: Anindo Bose 
Sound design: Anindo Bose, Zain Calcuttawala, Siddharth Talwar
Sound mixing and mastering: Plug N’ Play Studios
Animation project lead: Vrinda Sood
Animation direction: Zero Gravity Filmz
Film editor: Shubham Singla 
Production manager: Dhananjay Visvanath
Art direction: Tanvi Gandhi, Clifford Afonso 
Art supervisor: Akanksha Sharma 
Storyboard artist: Vaibhav 
Character design and illustration: Clayton Dmello, Varun Nair 
Environment illustration: Clayton Dmello
Modeling: Abhishek Soni, Ashish Negi, Bhairab Boithoque, Manoj Negi, Nishant Saxena
Surfacing: Abhishek Soni, Ashish Negi, Bhairab Boithoque, Tushar Tanwar, Nishant Saxena
Lighting: Tushar Tanwar, Ashish Negi, Nishant Saxena, Atique Mujawar
Rigging: Azhar Hussain Quadri
Layout and animation: Ashish Sharma, Gaganpreet Singh Anand, Raghav Nagpal
Effects: Azhar Hussain Quadri, Asif Ali
Render wrangler: Manoj Negi
Compositing: Shivam Sharma, Swatantra Dubey
Matte Painting: Swatantra Dubey, Bhairab Boithoque 
Render supervisor: Sachin Kolate
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