Navneet Education takes notes from its limitless progress

Watch the film conceptualised by The Minimalist here

Sep 06, 2021 05:15:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

Navneet Education has rolled out a campaign titled ‘Progress Limitless’, to celebrate over 60 years of its existence. Conceptualised by The Minimalist, the film highlights the brand’s journey using nostalgia to showcase how Navneet products have been a part of children’s lives since they took baby steps.  
The film features the role of Navneet products in the lives of teachers and students, right from the time they start their educational journey, to executing their leadership skills in boardrooms. 
Devish Gala, head of branding, Navneet Education, said, “Navneet Education has always been the most trusted brand across Indian households. It is the most loved brand across generations, from grandparents to parents to children. We are extremely thrilled and excited to show how far we have come from a small store to being a trusted brand in the nation. With each passing decade, we have evolved with a legacy of more than three generations managing the business. We, the Navneet family, look forward to keeping the nostalgic feel of the brand for many more decades to come. The brand heartily thanks every member who has been a part of our journey and always supported and helped the brand."