Pooja Ahuja Nagpal
Oct 18, 2012

Mother Dairy reminds youth that's there's no one like mom

Watch the TVC created by Ogilvy & Mather here

After a gap of nearly six years Mother Dairy has released a  TV campaign for milk. The ad film created by Ogilvy & Mather went on air on 8 October and will run for four weeks.

The ad is in Hindi and also dubbed into regional languages to air across the country.

The film begins with a young boy calling his mother and informing her that he is on his way home along with a few friends. On his arrival, his mother welcomes him warmly and is then surprised and overwhelmed at the number of friends he has brought along.

The voice over says, “You can do such things only with your mother. Thus, you should drink a glass of milk everyday to be healthy so you can take care of your mother when you grow older.” The super in the end says, “Maa jaisa koi nahi”.

Amitava Mukerjee, business head, Milk, Mother Dairy, said, “The genesis of the communication is born out of two universal truths about milk. They are: Milk is healthy and that children dislike drinking milk. So the challenge that we define for us is not the mothers but the kids who need to be convinced to drink milk. Instead of talking how tall strong they will grow up tomorrow, we decided to remind them about some of the small things in life which they fail to notice. We reminded them about their mother’s unconditional love and the least they could do in return."

He added, "And for more than 38 years, Mother Dairy has embodied with same values that form the foundation of relationships by providing pure quality milk to tens and lakhs of Indian houses. Therefore, we felt that it was time for the brand to celebrate the biggest part and pay a tribute to the millions of the mothers who silently work for the benefit of their children. So the genesis of the idea came from the simple age old truth of ‘Maa jaisa koi nahin’. That is the tag line.”

Abhijit Avasthi, national creative director, Ogilvy & Mather, explained, “Mother Dairy is a big brand in the milk business. It has greater equity in places like Delhi etc., but now it’s slowly getting a national foot print. So the idea was to create a TV commercial that talks about the milk and the purity of thought with which Mother Dairy approaches its products. One of the most important relationships based on unconditional love is a mother-child relationship. There is nobody else you can take for granted and you know that they are there for you all the time and this is the purity of thought with which Mother Dairy also approaches its products. So we thought it will be nice to leverage that and it is also a part of their name, so you cannot get a closer fit than that."

Client: Mother Dairy
Creative Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Creative: Abhijit Avasthi, Vikash Chemjong, Basabjit Majumdar
Planning: Ayan Banik
Account management: Sudhir Sahni, Jigisha Chawla, Ravi Adhikari

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