MMGB: Riso Oil

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Underdog and Voice of Ram here

Jul 17, 2017 04:44:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Start your work week with this video conceptualised by Underdog in collaboration with Voice of Ram (director Ram Subramanian) for Riso Ricebran Oil. 
The video narrates the story of a married woman, carrying a backpack, a map, half-baked plans on a holiday alone, away from her child and husband.
The message the film wants to convey is 'Live 100/100' and enjoy every moment of life.
Vistasp Hodiwala, co-Founder and CCO, Underdog said, "They say you can never really plan a viral. All you have to do is hope for an opportunity where you can make a larger statement by putting your heart and soul into and then wait and see if it connects with the world in the way you wanted it to. Riso Woman has been that piece of pure magic honestly. The client's brief was as simple as it gets. Do a film which brings alive the philosophy of the brand that says 'Live 100 on 100'. A good part of the VO that you hear in the film first came out as a print ad. The response to this was so good that Vinay and team spoke to us about the possibilities of shaping a film around this."
He added, "We got Ram on board and conceptualised this together. And without him this would never have been possible. While we did expect it to do well, what has happened has far exceeded our expectations. Ram pulled out all stops to make this the film it eventually became. This is our small tribute to all the wonderfully independent women we have known all our lives!"
​Vikram Gaikwad​, co-founder and CCO, Underog, said, "When you get acknowledgements from people who you have never known, are not on your friend list on Facebook and would otherwise have never bothered to even connect with you, you know this has become way bigger than you ever expected! This is what a direct consumer response actually feels like! The way Ram has lifted this film from casting to music to every little detail in crafting has been a joy to behold. This is the first digital film from Underdog and after seeing the response it has received in the online space I can only say that we are happy to have given our 100/100 to this wonderful project."
Client: Kamani Foods
Agency: Underdog 
Written by: Underdog creative Team
Production house: Handloom Picture Company/ The Dzu Film Company
Producer: Aamir Uzeffa 
Director: Ram Subramanian
DoP: Manoj Kumar Khatoi
Editor(offline): Utsav
Music: Raaghav and Arjun