MF Global markets its honesty as financial advisor with a new TVC

Watch the TVC created by Six Inches Communication

Oct 20, 2011 02:12:00 PM | Video | Shephali Bhatt

MF Global, a global trading and hedging solutions provider, has released a TVC across all business channels on 17 October 2011. The TVC tries to communicate that anybody putting his faith in MF Global stands to 'gain from the right perspective'. (which also happens to be MF Global's tagline)

The TVC has been created by an independent agency, Six Inches Communication. 

The film opens in the vast expanse of a forest where you can spot a young couple on a safari expedition. Everything appears to be under control since their guide seems to have a positive reply to each of their queries. Be it their desire to see a tiger, an inquiry about sufficient water, or their worry that the guide may not know the way properly; the guide has one word to settle it all; 'yes'. But it all boomerangs once they get to know that the guide wasn't really walking the talk, and they end up getting lost in the forest. The next thing you hear is a voiceover saying, "Sometimes you wish people didn't agree with you all the time. At MF Global we tell you what's good for you."

Commenting on the idea and intent behind bringing this commercial on air, Pravin Shah, managing director and chief executive officer, Six Inches Communication, said, "Unlike the usual practice, we weren't really given a brief before rolling out this ad. Instead, a brand audit was conducted in order to obtain insights on MF Global's brand development. The results showed that the brand was perceived to be an honest advisor when it came to investment related decisions. Hence, all we tried to show through the TVC was that MF Global gives you the right perspective."

The TVC was shot in Ranthambore and there are two more in line (shot in New Delhi) to be unveiled shortly. 

Client: MF Global
Agency: Six Inches Communication
Creative director: Pravin Shah, Sanjay S
Associate creative director (art): Reshma Basankar
Associate creative director (copy): Amit Badle
Director: Dhiraaj Banerjee
Production house: Lighthouse Mumbai