"Measuring how people are accessing content irrespective of platforms is a challenge": Gian Fulgoni, comScore

Campaign India caught up with Gian M Fulgoni, chairman and co-founder, comScore on the sidelines of adtech 2012

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In an exclusive interaction with Campaign India on the sidelines of the recently held adtech 2012, Gian M Fulgoni, chairman and co-founder, comScore Inc. talks about his experiences while setting up the digital measurement company, his new competitors and the growing concerns of measurement across platforms.

Talking about the learnings from his previous work experiences, Fulgoni said, "From the experience at Information Resources Inc. (IRI) we knew the kind of people you need to hire in a start-up, we had the credibility of building a succesful business and so when we went to get funding for comScore it was a relatively easy process, and we knew the kind of applications of data that clients going to pay for. It is one thing to come with a lot of data and another to turn it into an application that has value to the marketer who is then going to pay money for that data."

He believes that Google and Facebook's measurement mechanisms will not affect comScore's business, and explained, "When you come right down to it, advertisers want an objective represented activity on the web in total and so they are somewhat nervous about using data from a property itself as opposed to something that is being measured with an objective sense."

When questioned about how comScore addresses concerns of marketers looking for data across different platforms, he cited the example of what the company did in the US with AT&T and added, "With all of these ways to access the web, multi-platform measurement is really important. On top of that, you need to measure television viewing directly. Looking down the road, this need to measure how people are accessing a piece of content irrespective of the platform they are using is the challenge I think the media industry will face." 

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