Live life queen size, says Reliance Fresh

Watch the RelianceFresh digital film for Women's Day here

Mar 07, 2017 06:04:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

It’s one of those usual neighbourhood stories, where the 50-year-old wife wants to take off on a vacation with her ‘girl-gang’ and the husband cannot do without her.
The #JeeLeZara (live life completely for a while) digital film opens with the middle-aged husband wondering what’s wrong with his wife. She wants to go to Goa and wear a bikini on the beach. The traditional looking housewife just smiles through the situation and tells her husband that if she does not go to Goa now, she might never be able to go later. 
The film’s protagonist is a woman who has dedicated her entire life to everyone in her family except herself. A company statement says that this film appeals to today’s woman to “live her life a little for herself”.
“The initiative reiterates the importance of emotive and expressive campaigns in the new digital world. People consume ads by choice and share what they like. Brands are learning to be more human and conversational than being commercial interrupters or broadcasters. The campaign is completely aligned to the influential subconscious emotional forces of the consumers and resonates deeply with them to create a lasting relationship for Reliance Fresh with today’s consumers,” says the statement.
The campaign goes beyond the transactional relationship with consumers.