international womens day

Mar 09, 2020

What it's like being a woman in adtech

Campaign's anonymous survey of senior women in adtech paints a bleak picture of a Mad Man-era 'boys club' culture, workplace harassment, and the struggle towards C-suite leadership.

Mar 08, 2018

Opinion: Different strokes for different folks

On International Women's Day our columnist compares the Malayalam magazine Grihalakshmi cover with the Gap campaign and comments on the audience reaction to a similar situation in two countries

Mar 09, 2017

Pick of the Week: Ms.Taken

The fashion brand stands out from the crowd of women's day messaging by speaking straight from the heart

Mar 08, 2017

Ms.Taken identity on International Women's Day

Watch the film made by Bangalore-based Fisheye Creative here

Mar 07, 2017

Live life queen size, says Reliance Fresh

Watch the RelianceFresh digital film for Women's Day here