international womens day

Mar 08, 2021

Period leave: A privilege or a basic right?

Three marketing agencies in the region make the case for period leave as equitable staff policy. But the effects of period leave, we learn, play a bigger role in destigmatising conversations around menstruation and women’s health

Mar 08, 2021

Opinion: The advertising world needs to focus on 'Women in Leadership'

The author feels that brands shouldn’t look at International Women’s Day communication as just a 'Happy Women’s Day' message with free coupons, gifts and discounts, but as one that helps build an equal world

Mar 09, 2020

What it's like being a woman in adtech

Campaign's anonymous survey of senior women in adtech paints a bleak picture of a Mad Man-era 'boys club' culture, workplace harassment, and the struggle towards C-suite leadership.

Mar 08, 2018

Opinion: Different strokes for different folks

On International Women's Day our columnist compares the Malayalam magazine Grihalakshmi cover with the Gap campaign and comments on the audience reaction to a similar situation in two countries

Mar 09, 2017

Pick of the Week: Ms.Taken

The fashion brand stands out from the crowd of women's day messaging by speaking straight from the heart