Shephali Bhatt
Jan 13, 2012

Kit Kat's new TVC shows lovebirds reveling in a classroom

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Nestle Kit Kat tickled your funny bone with an animated squirrel couple-dance last year and this year, they are back with parrots; lovebirds precisely.

In this new TVC created by JWT, the first sequence brings forth a classroom where a faculty (with a hair-style reminding you of the early 80s) is teaching a class about the anatomy of a dinosaur, and our protagonist (a boy) is evidently not interested in it. Bored, he decides to take a break and munch on a Kit Kat when out of the blue, he starts seeing two lovebirds (parrots) dancing on a romantic number. He looks at his love interest, sitting in the same class and tries to show her the lovebirds who are busy nestling around their teacher's hair-puff. The lovebirds vanish  leaving a feather as their trail on the girl's desk. The voice-over leads you to Kit Kat's core message, 'Have a break, have a Kit Kat'.

B Kannan, general manager - chocolate and confectionary, Nestle India, elaborated on the brief given to JWT and said, "The squirrel campaign did an excellent job of  bringing the brand's essence alive and the brief to the agency now was to evolve it further and extend it into more relateable situations.  We hope the new ‘lovebirds’ campaign will continue to engage our audiences and further re-inforce this philosophy."

Joy Chauhan, executive business director, JWT, explained, "The squirrel commercial was a great success and the need was to build further on the brand promise. Our challenge was to seamlessly incorporate insights that we received from respondents and not only enhance the rejuvenating role of Kit Kat, but also make the situation more easily relateable. I think we have managed to crack it because the stereotype of a boring lecture that we have used for this campaign is something that each one of us can relate with."

Unplugged moments:
Chauhan shared a few unplugged moments from the shooting experience and added, "The colourful professor with a bizzare hairdo was of course a caricature from the ‘60s but what was interesting was that while we were shooting the ‘lovebirds’ advertisement at the  Sophia College classroom, a pair of birds was actually sitting outside and looking in at the shoot It was quite a coincidence!"


Client: Nestle India
Agency: JWT India
Vice president, senior creative director: Sonia Bhatnagar
Vice president, executive business director: Joy Chauhan
Associate vice president, client servicing director: Manish Kapoor
Senior account executive: Siddhartha Ghose
Strategic planning director: Rasika Fernandes
Production house: Q.E.D. Films Pvt. Ltd.
Director: Abhijit Chaudhuri
Producer: Smitha Baliga
Computer graphics / VFX studio: SHED, Canada.
Music (North): Rupert Fernandes
Music (South): Anand
Lyrics (South): Lingo India
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Executive vice president: Yoginder Jain
Media director: Sumit Jaiswal

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