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Sep 17, 2013

Hyundai gets animals speaking a ‘Grand New Lingo’ for Grand i10

Watch the ad film created by Innocean Worldwide

Innocean Worldwide has launched a TV campaign for Hyundai's latest hatchback Grand i10. The film highlights the distinctive features of the car, while capturing the amazement of animals on seeing the vehicle.

The film opens with a person using a remote to unlock his Grand i10 and the side view mirrors opening automatically. The driver ‘pushes’ on the ignition and embarks on a journey passing by many houses. A dog enjoying a wash spots the Grand i10 and barks “Wow” in a near human voice. The car then heads into a commercial area where a fish housed in a glass bowl in a cafe exclaims “Oh la la la” on seeing the car pass by. While passing by the country side, a horse in a farm says, “Awesome”. The car proceeds uphill onto the mountains to elicit a ‘Wow’ from a monkey. A parrot and vulture spots the car and express their admiration too. The voice over explains, “Everyone is talking the grand new lingo - surprisingly distinct Grand i10. The grand new lingo.” The film ends with a tiger roaring, “Grand” as the car moves on.

Vivek Srivastava, JMD, Innocean Worldwide India, said, “The strategic idea behind the Hyundai Grand was to capitalise on its new design language and the feature set. The creative interpretation arrived at by the team intended to talk about all this in a new language form. As an over the top and eye catching way of stating this idea, it was thought of by the creative team to use animals in the film to put across this point.”

“The team at Innocean strongly felt that to be successful in a sluggish marketplace the communication had to be path-breaking with a purpose. The purpose herein is to make the prospects sit-up and take notice of the new equation Hyundai Grand brings to the table in the mid-high compact segment. Our strategic media choices too helped in proliferating this message with a bang via YouTube, general entertainment channels and a special measure of channels like Animal Planet, NGC and Discovery for a higher contextual fit,” he added.

Client: Hyundai Motor India
Creative agency: Innocean Worldwide
Joint managing director: Vivek Srivastava

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