Huggies delivers 3D printed ultrasound to blind mum-to-be

Nappy brand Huggies has created a 3D cast of an ultrasound scan for a blind mother, showing that the brand is "concerned about every moment between a mother and a son"

May 13, 2015 09:18:00 AM | Video | Sara Spary

The brand, in Brazil, has created a video showing a 30 year old expectant mother "meeting" her baby for the fist time via a 3D cast of her 20 week ultrasound scan.
The mother, Tatiana, went blind at the age of 17 and had therefore been unable to see the scan. 
The emotional spot shows her describing how she imagines the baby would feel before surprising her with a cast of the child's face for her to feel. 
The video has racked up more than 8m views since it was posted 30 April.
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