Housejoy puts the spotlight on single moms, assures them support on Mother’s Day

Watch the digital film conceptualised by Bluebot here

May 10, 2016 10:40:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Housejoy, a home services provider, rolled out a Mother's Day campaign focused on single mothers. The film has been conceptualised by Bluebot.
The film features single mothers who are asked about different facets of single parenting. They reveal the scariest part of being a single mother, the favourite part, how they deal with maintaining a household and managing children, among others. Asked about whether they felt the need for a man when things had to be fixed around the house, they reply in the negative. The last respondent says that one just needs to go online to find help. 'Don't worry moms. We've got your back' says Housejoy's sign off.   
Saran Chatterjee, CEO, Housejoy, said, "Our aim is to make home services quick and easy and in turn, to make life simpler and hassle free for all. Housejoy pays a tribute to the resilience of every single mother. They are the true inspiration to Housejoy as they are the greatest multi-taskers. They have this great ability to balance their chores, careers and children perfectly. Housejoy looks up to these single mothers and strives to lend an arm by maintaining their house in the most convenient way."
Client: Housejoy
Agency: Bluebot