Head & Shoulders moves to a filmy beat, gets Ranveer to deliver #DandruffNahinChalega message

Watch the TVC and digital films conceptualised by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi here

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Head & Shoulders and released a new campaign 'Dandruff Nahi Chalega' (Dandruff is not okay) featuring brand ambassador, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. The campaign consists of a TVC and three films for digital media conceptualised by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi. 
The TVC is set at a practice session for a wedding dance. Singh is anchoring a dance. A man interrupts him to ask whether his kurta (top) will be fine for the occasion. Upon receiving a positive response, he asks about his shoes. Singh laughs and says it will and urges him to join the dance quickly. The duo and others do a signature Singh dance move, which involves substantial ruffling of one's hair, enough to reveal dandruff presence. The Bollywood actor notices dandruff on top of his friend's kurta. He tells him, 'Dandruff nahi chalega'  (dandruff isn't acceptable) before the product is introduced. The films ends with the duo performing at the wedding. 
View the digital films here.

Binu Ninan, associate marketing director, P&G (hair care), said, “We have product level win and with a news as big as the 'Best Ever Head & Shoulders' we wanted a campaign that will put the brand at the front and centre of the idea. So when L&K Saatchi came up with the idea built around a dandruff torture test dance move, we knew this is it! Also, having the country’s hottest young actor as the brand ambassador gave us the opportunity to not only talk benefit but also create a lot of conversation.”
Delna Sethna, chief creative officer, L&K Saatchi & Saatchi, said, “Bad grooming habits (read dandruff) and hooking up, it’ll come as no surprise are inversely proportionate to each other. Now you team this seemingly innocuous proposition with great creative and an actor like Ranveer who’s unafraid to try 'anything' and you get one remarkably filmy campaign. That we’re launching in true blue Bollywood style – a trailer, foot tapping naach gaana from Farah Khan and avatars of Ranveer that you best discover online 1 September!”
Priyanka Chatterjee, SVP, L&K Saatchi & Saatchi, added, "It’s a real integrated campaign with TV, print, outdoor and social media work seamlessly together to drive. We hope best-in-class participation and engagement with the brand. The idea is core to the brand benefit and as the leader, only H&S has to right to say #DandruffNahiChalega."
The campaign went live today (1 September 2016).
Client: P&G India (Head & Shoulders)
Creative agency: L&K Saatchi & Saatchi
Clients team: Sweta Mehra, Binu Ninan, Aditi Wahal, Shweta Kannan, Kruti Desai
Chief creative officer: Delna Sethna
Creative team: Khatija Beguwala, Shraddha Salaye, Arathi Jayaram
Senior vice president: Priyanka Chatterjee
Account management: Divya Madhavan, Shazia Shaikh, Anushree Bhattacharji
Agency producer: Divyang Pandya
Production house: Fingerprint Films
Executive producer: Madhukar Kotian
Director: Farah Khan


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