HDFC Life fills in the blank of an incomplete insurance

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Feb 22, 2022 05:08:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team Share - Share to Facebook

HDFC Life has launched a campaign #AdhuraNahiPuraInsurance (not incomplete, but full insurance) emphasising the need for adequate life insurance that covers all the primary needs. It promotes the importance of calculating one’s life insurance cover to align with their financial and life goals.
The campaign comprises three films, all of which show how the use of incomplete things only causes trouble and uncertainty in people’s lives. Whether it is wearing an inadequate piece of clothing, glassless frames or a small car cover that doesn’t protect the entire car, the films urge users to say no to uncertainty. It questions people that when they make sure other accessories are not incomplete, why do they compromise with something as important as life insurance. 
Towards the end of each film, actor Pratik Gandhi is seen encouraging individuals to calculate their ideal life cover with the help of the Human Life Value Calculator (HLV) available on the company’s website. 
Vishal Subharwal, head – marketing, digital business, and e-commerce, HDFC Life, said, “India has a large population that is either uninsured or underinsured, leading to a high protection gap. With an increase in the young working population there is a greater need for life insurance to secure the breadwinner in the family. Further, the pandemic has enhanced the need for a financial safety net. Human Life Value calculation should ideally be the first step while purchasing life insurance. It ensures that the cover is adequate and fulfils the purpose of the policy. Through this campaign, we aim to create greater awareness of the need for adequate life insurance cover. The films are short, simple, and convey the message effectively. We hope to reach out to a larger audience and enable them to secure their future financially.”