GSK highlights the importance of nasal washes

Watch the film conceptualised by Grey Group

Dec 22, 2020 04:03:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

GSK Consumer Healthcare has rolled out a digital and television film for its recently launched product,  Otrivin Breathe Clean. The film aims to highlight that daily nasal cleansing is as important as washing hands when it comes to ridding oneself of pollutants and germs.  
Otrivin Breathe Clean targets people who look at taking care of their nasal hygiene due to rising air pollution and concerns around respiratory pollutants in the air. The film shows a child and his mother washing hands when they come home, immediately followed by a nasal cleansing. Grey Group has conceptualised the campaign.
Vijay Sharma, area marketing lead, OTC and expert marketing ISC, GSK Consumer Healthcare, said, “Otrivin continues to be the leading nasal decongestant in India as well as globally. As the air quality degrades with each passing day, cleansing the nasal cavity by washing away the excess mucus or the allergen particles such as dust or pollen is an immediate need. With the science and trust held by Otrivin over all these years, we aim to address the current situation by launching Breathe Clean, a clinically verified saline formulation. We are confident that consumers with nasal congestion will adopt nasal washes into their daily routine as an extremely easy way of maintaining nasal hygiene.”