Gowardhan Ghee scripts a golden bond, tying flavours of life with colours of food

Watch the ad film conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson here

Oct 25, 2016 07:44:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

Parag Milk Foods has rolled out a film for its Gowardhan range of (cow) ghee. The film has been conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson.
The film opens with a newlywed couple getting playful with each other. An older lady cooking a dish nearby notices, and smiles knowingly. The narrator, through the voice over, starts off with an ode to the colours of food and flavours in relationships. An old man pleads for a sweet dish (kesari) like a child, but gets only a little from a younger woman feeding him (ostensibly because he is not supposed to consume sugar). The irresistible tasty red dish in his tiffin box gets a young school boy an angry mouthful from his teacher. A young bride feeds her groom yellow rice cheered by onlookers, as the narrator says that in yellow rests the promises of many years. A soldier sharing his badami treat from home with peers, a woman in a car fed spicy green curry by her partner, a contestant at a cooking contest impressing the judge with a white dish, and a young woman impressing her grandmother with a baingani dish, complete the string of sequences. As Gowardhan Ghee pours out onto dishes on screen, the narrator explains that every relationship expresses itself with colors like the instances portrayed in the film. Gowardhan Ghee makes the promise of having added to relationships, with the colour of gold. It ends with the message, 'Pyaar Ka Rang Sunehra' (The colour of love is golden), introducing the pure cow ghee. 
Mahesh Israni, chief marketing officer, Parag Milk Foods, said, “Our vision is to build the strength of cow ghee and own the leadership position in the ghee segment through category expansion. To attain this endeavour, our new campaign will help us build direct visual association of the category with the brand. The larger communication amplification through our 360-degree approach will talk about benefits of cow ghee and how it will cater to populous across genders, age  groups and demographics. We also want to change our focus from festive consumption to throughout the year consumption pattern.”
Akshali Shah, VP, strategy planning-sales and marketing, Parag Milk Foods, added, “Our flagship product Gowardhan Ghee is closest to pure ‘cow ghee’, it has built that trust and brand loyalty in the consumer's mind. As one of the leading cow ghee brands in India, we aim to build the cow ghee category association through the yellow colour connecting to emotions of life.”
Hanoz Mogrelia, SVP and ECD, J. Walter Thompson, said, “It's refreshing to see an idea that was presented in the pitch has come to life, in the very same way as it was envisaged. Moreover, the fact that the client backed this idea from day one made the process of making the film very smooth and enjoyable.”