GoodDot prompts Neeraj Chopra to do good

Watch the films conceptualised by Bullet on Wheels here

Feb 16, 2022 01:14:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

Plant-based meat brand GoodDot, has launched a campaign titled ‘Do Good’, with an aim to encourage people to do good by choosing plant-based meat. Conceptualised by Bullet on Wheels, the films feature the brand’s ambassador and athlete Neeraj Chopra. 
Each of the films feature Chopra with his buddy GoodDo - an animated goat which is the brand’s mascot. The three films showcase a banter between the two characters, which ends with the goat stopping Chopra from making mistakes like breaking traffic signals, queues and littering. Towards the end of each scene, the brand embeds a message of the benefits of plant-based meat in terms of health, taste, and reducing animal cruelty. 
Abhishek Sinha, co-founder, and CEO, GoodDot, said, “We are beyond excited to release this ad. This ad communicates the ethos of our brand GoodDot in a very clear and strong format. We were pleasantly surprised by the amazing acting of Neeraj Chopra. Being a first-hand witness to the shoot, I was inspired by the work ethic of Neeraj as he put in his all in the acting. Having GoodDo our incredible goat in this ad is extra special as this fun representation of GoodDo will help the audience relate more to the beauty of the animal world. The production and the animation team have done a fantastic job and this ad is right up there with the best in the globe. I am super proud of my team and we are blessed to have Neeraj and GoodDo telling our story to the world.”