Raahil Chopra
May 11, 2012

Ganguly takes guard for Apollo Munich, starts off with webisodes

WATCH the trailers of ‘Sourav Ganguly – The Movie’ here. A documentary, ‘The Warrior Prince’, will be released in theatres

Apollo Munich Health Insurance has announced the appointment of Sourav Ganguly as brand  ambassador with a trailer of “Sourav Ganguly - The Movie”.  The trailer features the former Indian cricket team’s (and now Pune Warriors’) captain playing himself. The brand will create several webisodes featuring Ganguly, besides a documentary titled 'The Warrior Prince' to be released in theatres at a later date. JWT India, Apollo Munich's creative agency, has helped create the films.

The trailer starts with the shot of a fan in disbelief after hearing that Ganguly, the Indian team’s captain, has been dropped. Ganguly then appears in the film and narrates his journey as a cricketer. The trailer has shots of fans reacting to several famous ‘Ganguly’ moments. It ends with a reporter asking Ganguly about his latest comeback, to which he says, "What comeback? I had never left in the first place".

Commenting on the property and the brand’s association with Ganguly, Antony Jacob, chief executive officer, Apollo Munich Health Insurance, said, "We have roped in Ganguly as brand ambassador for the next three years and this film is an announcement of our working relationship. Sourav epitomises the key qualities as a human being that we hold dear at Apollo Munich. He is a leader in his field, has displayed courage even during trying times, is a great motivator of people, is constantly improving and reinventing himself, and is known for clarity and transparency in everything he says and does. These are the qualities that, we at Apollo Munich believe, he shares with us, and at the same time Sourav's life has been no different from a Bollywood potboiler and hence the trailer befits. Apollo Munich intends to consistently engage with the audience to communicate the importance of health and health insurance through various commercial and films during the next three years staring Dada."

Apollo Munich intends to develop different elements of this ‘Movie’ over time, highlighting Ganguly’s leadership, man management, and crisis management skills.

“We intend to share these films with the public at large, so that Ganguly’s fans may also enjoy them. We are very excited about creating these webisodes. We are also proud sponsors of a  documentary on Ganguly entitled ‘The Warrior Prince’ - this film is being finalised and will be released widely, including on the big screen," Jacob added.

Dada seems to have started off well in his Apollo Munich innings. The first trailer featuring Ganguly was uploaded on Youtube on 7 May. Up until 8 am on 11 May, it had over 232,154 views.

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