Forevermark underlines exclusivity with #TheOne

Watch the ad film conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson Italy here

Sep 30, 2015 08:30:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Forevermark, the diamond brand from De Beers, has launched a campaign conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson Italy.
A film opens in a subterranean region from which a group of haggard-looking men emerge, making their way out of a cave. The narration talks about billions of years spent in wait for this moment of emergence to arrive; time, which has forged character. The men are racing across the landscape, each trying to outrun the other through rain, forests and mountainous land. The film progresses to show the last man standing, now clean and suited up. He arrives to meet a lady at a rooftop in a city. He opens a closed fist to reveals a diamond nestled inside. A super reads, ‘It’s a long journey to become the one.’ The film goes on to state that less than 1 per cent of the world’s diamonds are worthy of the Forevermark inscription.  It ends with a brand sign off of ‘Forevermark. A diamond is forever’.  
Stephen Lussier, CEO, Forevermark, said, “Forevermark’s name is built on the line and we are proud to bring this incredible equity back. This campaign invigorates it with a new meaning: as an innovative brand, Forevermark entrusts its history to embrace its future.”
Lussier added, “Our dedication to sourcing and inscribing only the most beautiful diamond is brought to life through this new campaign. Forevermark diamonds are truly precious and can be cherished forever.”
Enrico Dorizza , chairman, J. Walter Thompson Italy, commented, “We wanted to reveal the story behind a Forevermark diamond: a long journey that started deep within the Earth billions of years ago and continues through a meticulous selection process. We elaborated a metaphor playing on the parallel between mankind and diamonds, bringing the diamond journey to life through an epic, spectacular story. This campaign challenges classic diamond advertising - embodying diamonds through mankind. It is a tribute to the expertise and craftsmanship essential to reveal the beauty of a Forevermark diamond.”
The campaign will straddle digital and social media with #TheOne.
Client: De Beers, Forevermark
Creative agency: J. Walter Thompson Italy
Chairman: Enrico Dorizza
CEO: Stepehn Lussier