Ford Figo adds a verse gear to perk up auto sales

Watch the video conceptualised by Word Of Mouth Media and the communications team of Ford here

Jul 17, 2019 01:46:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

Ford India’s latest social media campaign celebrates the discoveries in India's bylanes with a emotional touch – using original poems.
Complementing the spirit of #DiscoverMoreInYou, the series debuts with the first original poem Galiyan (Hindi for lanes), looks to bring everyday emotions to life through use of verse and visuals.
Shot against the backdrop of Delhi 6 and Dehradun by Word of Mouth Media the film brings to fore moments often observed around every lane and corner in India. The road to home via these eventful streets yield themselves to great storytelling, as captured in verse by Vineet Panchhi of Word of Mouth Media and Kapil Sharma of Ford Communications team. 
Apart from using poetry to build a more personal connection between the brand and the owners, the video also highlights the nimbleness of the hatchback among narrow lanes.
The social campaign looks to crowd-source original thoughtful verse on self-discoveries from the audience and fans for future renditions.