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Jun 02, 2015

Flipkart scripts an endearing 'wish' list, brings them to life

Watch the film conceptualised by Lowe Lintas + Partners

Flipkart has rolled out a digital film to coincide with the launch of its new logo. 
The film conceptualised by Lowe Lintas went live on 29 May.
The new logo has been created by Umbrella Design.
The film, comprised of a series of still images, starts with an elderly man's wish to have a garden. 'Mr KV Subramaniyam' wanted to keep himself busy post retirement, informs the male narrator, and ordered the tools from Flipkart to start his garden. Planting the seed of his wishes in his forest cottage, he nurtures it for days, and reaps the sweet reward of oranges. He keeps some for himself, and sends some to his sister Gayatri in Bangalore.
The scene shifts to Gayatri, who decides to bake a cake. She too orders everything necessary to make her wish come true from Flipkart. The cake helps her daughter Swati impress her colleagues, winning her not more than the appreciation she expected – a colleague wishes to invite her to a cricket match featuring the Indian team. She orders her match dress (the Indian blue jersey) from Flipkart.
As they head to the match in a bus, the cricket fever reminds Shami, standing behind them, of his father. The old man can only hear the commentary on their TV back home. His wish? Shami sends him a 32 inch TV, making their home the 'stadium' of the neighbourhood. At one such screening, young Altaf is reminded of his responsibilities when he sees his father watching the match. The artisan uses Flipkart to grow his business. His work becomes a beautiful photo frame, adorning a wall being painted by a young woman buying it on Flipkart. 
The frame becomes the home of a childhood picture of hers with her brother. She sends it to her sibling who is far away, awakening his forgotten passion, photography. He reminisces with his old camera before guying some new equipment on Flipkart. His unused Royal Enfield comes into play as he takes off from the city to picturesque hills to capture the visuals, sating his wish for freedom. 
His road trip continues as the last 'wish' of the script throbs to life. A little girl at a roadside dhabha is enamoured by a picture of a peacock on his camera. The film ends with her laughing, holding a bag with a peacock's picture, bought on Flipkart. The narrator surmises, 'Kisi ko wish karne main mazaa aata hai; hamein, unko poora karne main' (Some people enjoy making wishes; for us, joy is in making those wishes come true). 
The film ends with the brand's new logo and message: 'Flipkart. Ab har wish hogi poori' (Now, every wish will come true).
Client: Flipkart
Creative agency: Lowe Lintas + Partners 
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