Flipkart lures audiences to sale with #AchhaKiya teasers

Watch the integrated campaign conceptualised by Chapter Five here

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Flipkart released five teasers as part of its #AchhaKiya campaign to promote its upcoming sale. The campaign has been conceptualised by Chapter Five and the teasers are currently running on social media and television.
Some newspapers sported a false cover today from the brand, with the message: 'Nahin Khareeda? #AchhaKiya' (Didn't buy? Good for you). The call to action is to visit flipkart.com/achhakiya, where the screen below greets visitors. 
They are asked to add an item from four displayed to their wish list. The site suggests that the reveal will be on 19 June 2015. 
One of the films (top) begins with a young man giving a testimonial about the perfect T-shirt he had seen online. Speaking of its qualities, he talks about how it fit perfectly and made him look slim. Excited, he says that he really wanted it but he didn’t.
Another film sees a lady speaking to the camera about her love for the colour pink. Proudly, she tells the camera that everything in her house is pink. She mentions that the only thing missing is a pink lamp shade, but adds that even though she found the perfect one online, she did not buy it.
A third film begins with a young housewife who narrates the story about how she was floored by a French door fridge. She reveals that she went as far as to move her mother-in-law's sofa to make place for it. She too didn’t end up buying the fridge.
Another of the films begins with an excited girl who has finally found an expensive bag she’s spent a considerable time looking for. She too however quells her excitement and says she didn’t end up buying it.
In one of the teasers, a husband share the story of how for the first time in his life, he received both the approval of his wife and the permission to buy a big TV. In an anti-climax, he didn’t get the TV either.
All the films ends with a voice over: “Achha kiya jo nahi kharida” (Good you didn’t buy it).
Some of the OOH work is here
Client: Flipkart
Agency: Chapter Five
Creative: Prateek Srivastava, Sunita Murthi
Production Chrome Pictures
Director: Hemant Bhandari
Client Servicing: Sarvesh Shyam



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