Flipkart continues with ‘kids as adults’ route to announce fashion foray

WATCH the ad films created by Happy here

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e-Commerce portal Flipkart.com made its foray into the fashion and lifestyle category a couple of months ago. To communicate this, the brand has launched a campaign themed ‘Fashion has a new address’. The campaign has been created by Happy Creative Services.

In this campaign too, Flipkart continues with the ‘kids as adults’ theme.

In one of the TVCs, the kids are shown dressed formally and waiting for a colleague to start a meeting in office. The boy who walks in is dressed in a yellow tracksuit with yellow and black sunglasses. This leaves the others speechless and even attracts the admiring gaze of his female colleague. The film ends with a super that reads ‘Fashion has a new address’ and introduces Flipkart’s latest offerings.

Watch the second commercial here

A second film shows a group ready to render a carnatic music concert. They are shown awaiting the arrival of their final band member, Chandramouli. While the others are dressed traditionally, the last member walks in high on the style quotient much like a rapper.

Watch the third film here

The third film shows a scene from a hospital. Kids playing doctors are shown checking the reports of a patient. The chief doctor says, "Things are looking much better." One of the doctors adds, "It's looking superb, Sir." The camera shifts to show the respondent, who is dressed in  colourful casuals.

All three films sign off announcing that clothing, footwear, watches and more are now available on Flipkart.com.


On the campaign, Ravi Vora, senior vice president, marketing, Flipkart.com said, “Flipkart is the largest e-commerce platform in the country today. While we have already established our leadership in categories like books and consumer electronics, we are aware that we are a late entrant in the fashion and lifestyle space. Our aim is to build a leadership position in this category as well. There are challenges given the different nature of this vertical when compared to others. But the trust and superior service credentials we have built in the minds of our customers should be able to help us bridge that gap quickly once they become comfortable with the idea of shopping for lifestyle products on Flipkart.com.”

Ankit Nagori, vice president, retail (lifestyle), Flipkart.com, added, “Flipkart as a brand has built a strong association with kids in its earlier campaigns. We wanted to take that idea and its familiarity forward to get our customers comfortable with the idea of shopping for lifestyle products on Flipkart. This campaign stresses on the fact that we are a serious player in the fashion space with the largest collection of branded merchandise in one place. Given that the online shopping experience in the lifestyle space tends to be extremely different from other categories, there will be a number of initiatives/changes that we will be working on in the near future.”
Flipkart had released teasers on television and social media a week prior to the launch of the campaign – beginning 23 April. Without using the logo or the name of the brand, these short films ended with the message, ‘Fashion has a new address’. A contest was also conducted on Facebook from an anonymous page announcing daily prizes for people who could guess which brand was behind the advertising.

On the campaign, Kartik Iyer, CEO and co founder, Happy, said, “Unlike Flipkart's previous advertising, here's a campaign specifically focused on the launch of a new category. We knew it had to be fun and typically Flipkart in its manner and approach. The creative idea was born out of a simple observation that when it comes to fashion, people don't like to wait to wear what they have bought. This sometimes leads to situations where you tend to ignore or forget that there might be a dress code you are expected for follow and there is a certain humour in that. The use of children is more from a brand identity perspective, not to mention they make the commercials all the more interesting.”


Brand: Flipkart

Agency: Happy

Director: Ayappa
Producers: Footcandles
Agency: Happy Creative Services
Media agency: MEC


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