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May 18, 2017

Every generation is a new generation, believes Activa

Watch the film by Dentsu One here

Honda’s ‘Nayi Generation Hai’ TVC opens with a middle-aged man on the bed, busy on his phone. He receives a WhatsApp message from his daughter to go out for snacks late in the night. The man agrees and they both ride to a neighborhood food kiosk on their Activa 4G.
The slice of life narrative is written with a consumer insight that people from different age brackets are now venturing into things that were traditionally considered out of bounds for them.
The second sequence opens with a group of young women of all sizes working out... not in the gymnasium but through an energetic Zumba performance in a dance studio.
The group then rides out of the dance class on their Activa 4Gs.
In the third sequence, a young professional is riding his Activa 4G and it’s his nayi generation mother (the pillion) who guides him to the destination by using satellite navigation maps on her mobile phone. 
The fourth sequence shows an old lady jogging towards a parked Activa 4G. Suddenly, she stops and plugs out the mobile charging cord from her grandson’s mobile and plugs it in her phone and starts dancing to the music on the spot. Surprised by her fun mood, her grandson joins in and both later leave on their Activa 4G. 
The last sequence of the film takes the nayi generation theme even further. The sequence opens with the shot of an old man outside his home ready to move on an Activa 4G. His wife steps outside their home and ties a fitness band on her husband’s wrist. On being asked, “Ye kya hai?” she replies, “Nayi Generation Hai!” before both ride away to the park.
India’s psychographics is fast evolving and everyone in this new India is exploring something new. Be it the trending youth, WhatsApp-ing parents or jogging grandparents. The TVC is all about how India's Nayi (new) generation is doing things differently and the new Activa 4G is their ride of choice.
“The biggest insight was ‘a new generation in every generation.’ The new Activa 4G television campaign captures… every age group is now a new generation and Activa 4G is made for them,”said Yadvinder Singh Guleria, senior vice president-Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd.
“Now you see that there is no such thing as a generation gap. Everyone behaves in similar ways. Everyone's on social media, everyone's physically active, so on and so forth. We thought it's an opportune time to speak of this new generation that defies all age related myths,” said Titus Upputuru, national creative director, Dentsu One.
“Marketing and brand building is all about having right insights that connect to right mindsets – whether the consumer is 18 or 80 years doesn’t really matter. This communication celebrates this progressive, refreshing, new-age attitude and a way of thinking that binds the varied consumers with similar mindsets,” said Abhinav Kaushik, senior vice president, account management, Dentsu One.
Creative Agency: Dentsu One 
National Creative Director: Titus Upputuru 
Creative team: Titus Upputuru, Auryndom Bose, Neharika Awal, Chinmoy Bhowmick
Planning team: Anand Murty, Samik Chaterjee
Account Management Team: Yoshio Habu, Abhinav Kaushik, Aakash Jain, and Ganesh Parthiban 
Agency Producer: Dawa Lama 
Film Director: Amit Sharma
Voice over: Piyush Mishra
Producer: Poonam Wahi
Production House: Chrome Pictures
DOP: Sanu
Music: Abhishek Arora
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