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Dec 19, 2014

Endearing dogs bring home the CarTrade message

Watch the film conceptualised by Madison BMB here has rolled out an ad film entitled, “Laakhon used cars” (one lakh used cars). The film has been conceptualised by Madison BMB.

The films tells the story of a dog, Rocky, who runs behind cars the entire day as he shares his woes with people interested in purchasing cars (both new and used). He complains that he has been chasing cars for years but hasn’t managed to find one that attracts him yet.

He goes on to talk about how one day his friend Bosco, pulls up in a car. Perplexed he sits in the car with Bosco and they drive away. Bosco tells Rocky that he purchased the car on

The film ends with Rocky driving his friends around in his own car. This is accompanied by a voice over that says, “Car Hai Lena, CarTrade Hai Na!“ (If you have to buy a car, look no further than CarTrade.)

Vinay Sanghi, founder and CEO, said, “The creative is highly innovative in terms of characterization and yet effective in communicating its core message of choice of cars and trust. The use of dogs makes the TVC catchy and endearing, while their humanised emotions help the common man relate to the messaging instantly.”

Prabha Prabhu, CEO, Madison BMB said, “ chose us to handle their account for our creative ability. Our objective was to create an impactful campaign. We decided to dramatise the insight of consumers being confused about making the right choice and very often not able to take a timely and correct decision. We have captured this in a very unique and entertaining way.”

Raj Nair, chief creative officer, Madison BMB, said, “The online car buying business is hotting up with the presence of multiple players. It’s important in this scenario for cartrade to position itself as an assured, confident, differentiated voice. The objective placed before us was simple. Become the leading brand in the online car buying space. Cartrade already has great traction in the Used Cars space by being the preferred choice. We needed to increase consumer pull by increasing awareness. And we have done this with a very clutter-breaking creative rendition that foscuses on finding the car of your choice and making it truly easy. We are beginning with TV and there will be online and other media renditions to follow.”


Creative agency: Madison BMB
Creative team: Raj Nair, Vallabh Yeolekar and Savya Narang
Account handling team: Prabha Prabhu, Mihir Dave
Creative Director: Raj Nair
Director: Shrisha Guha Thakurta
Producer: Surashmi Basu and Prithvi Luthra
Production house: Native Films


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