Cofsils looks to inculcate the habit of gargling to help fight viruses

Watch the film conceptualised by The Womb here

Aug 27, 2020 06:25:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Cipla Health has released a film for Cofsils through which looks to bring out the importance of gargling to fight viruses. 
Conceptualised by The Womb, the film shows people from different walks of life using Cofsils as they enter their homes.
Shivam Puri, CEO Cipla Health, said, “At Cipla Health, we have always focussed on the physical well -being of our consumers by aiding them with credible and convenient healthcare solutions. During the monsoon season, the incidence of common cold, flu  and  throat infection could be higher; hence we have a range of throat care solution which helps to address these problems at its inception. Through the Cofsils Gargle TVC, we aim to cultivate gargling as an everyday ritual by generating awareness about its health benefits. While gargling with salt water simply flushes the toxins from your throat, Cofsils Gargle kills a wide range of bacteria and viruses in just 30 seconds, helping to relieve sore throat quickly and effectively.”