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Jul 01, 2020

Circa 120/80 gets Boman Irani to spread #ShareYourPressure message

Watch the film conceptualised by Medulla Communications here

Eris Lifesciences has rolled out a film for its blood pressure monitoring product, Circa 120/80.
Conceptualised by Medulla Communications, the film features Boman Irani. Titled #ShareYourPressure, it shows how the lockdown has come with its pressures. It opens with Irani re-playing the role of his character (nicknamed Virus) from the movie 3 Idiots, where he was a college dean. There he pressurised the students to do well. He links it to Coronavirus which has ended up pressurising the whole world. Showing the different pressures that the pandemic has caused, he states how checking one's blood pressure has become difficult as people can't visit doctors on a regular basis and thus recommends Circa 120/80.
Amit Bakshi, chairman and managing director, Eris Lifesciences, said, "Cardiovascular diseases (CVD), in the chronic disease segment, are the leading cause of mortality in India. Hypertension is our second largest therapy area and we are upping our ante by closing the loop with one of the most validated devices for blood pressure management. We have world-class data in the form of 'India Heart Study', which was conducted on the same 'Circa' device, further validating our commitment to Hypertension therapy." 
Praful Akali, founder and managing director, Medulla Communications, said, "These are interesting times for the advertising world. Not only is it challenging but also exciting to see how we help brands reach the audiences for a better and safer healthcare system within India. The focus is to keep people safe during these trying times and not compromise on health."
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