Canesten slams rash behaviour

Watch the films conceptualised by Lowe Lintas here

Jun 06, 2022 01:52:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

Canesten, the anti-fungal brand from Bayer has rolled out a campaign ‘Dimaag Lagao, Rash pe Canesten Lagao’ (use your head and use Canesten on rashes), to raise awareness among young women about making the right choice, while treating fungal infections. Conceptualised by Lowe
Lintas, the films use the quirky road to highlight how most people self-medicate when it comes to rashes. 
In the first film, a girl is seen applying talcum powder on her rash. Her sibling walks towards her and puts the same powder in the washing machine. The shocked sister questions her sibling about who puts talcum powder in a machine, to which she responds by asking her sister who does the same on a rash. 
The other film again, features a girl applying talcum powder to her rash. Her sibling adds the powder to their coffees. When she’s questioned, she questions back about who adds talcum powder to their rash. 
Towards the end of both films, a Canesten bottle pops up, with the sibling stating that it’s the best choice for rashes. 
Sandeep Verma, country head, Bayer Consumer Health Division, India, said, “At Bayer, our vision is to make self-care solutions for everyday health accessible for all consumers. Women who lead an active lifestyle are more prone to fungal skin infections in the hot-humid weather in India. Our new campaign encourages them to stop using talcum powder on fungal skin infections and instead use expert anti-fungal solutions like Canesten to treat the root cause itself.”
Ritu Mittal, head of marketing and digital, Bayer Consumer Health Division, India, added, “Study initiated by Canesten among Indian women between 20 and 35 years, revealed that 94% of women suffered from skin fungal infection at least once in the year and 50% of them chose to use ineffective solutions like talcum powder leading to continued discomfort. With the launch of our new campaign ‘Dimaag Lagao, Rash pe Canesten Lagao’, we aim to connect and engage with young women to educate them on the need to use the expert skin fungal solution. Canesten for complete relief from skin fungal issues. The unconventional campaign rationalises the thought of using an expert solution in an enjoyable and quirky way.”
Tasneem Ali, executive director, Lowe Lintas, said, “Our take on the brief was to create a campaign to change the way consumers reacted to an incidence of rashes. So, instead of the auto response of reaching for a familiar but ineffective solution like talcum powder, we wanted them to make the switch to Canesten, a brand with the expertise to fight skin infections. We felt the best way to do this is to highlight the absurdity of the choice depicted in relatable everyday situations. The humorous and light-hearted film will make the consumer stop and rethink the default habit of applying talcum powder the next time a skin rash appears, and we hope that she will reach out for Canesten instead.”