Brillare redefines how beauty packs should communicate with consumers

Watch the film conceptualised by Sideways here

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Brillare has rolled out a campaign 'focus on ingredients' to highlight the need for inculcating trust and transparency in beauty products. 
Conceptualised by Sideways, the films feature a conversation between two different beauty products with an aim to spread awareness on ingredient literacy. The films emphasises how the consumers should focus on ingredients instead of false advertising. It brings to life two beauty products to have a conversation on how consumers should opt for products that are authentic and trustworthy. 

Jigar Patel, CEO, Brillare, said, “We're proud to be a brand that's leading the way, not only in formulation efficacy but also in customer empowerment. We're not worried about revealing our formulation. We are committed to a business philosophy that prioritises the use of ingredient efficacy over greenwashing and misleading branding. We believe that it's better for our customers to know what really makes skin and hair care products effective, and safe to use. This move is a testament to our commitment to set new standards for our category. “
Jigar added, “In our latest ingredient-centric campaign, we are not only claiming to be India's most truthful and fact-driven personal care brand but are also substantiating this claim by placing all the facts- right in front of the pack. It should have been the norm in the category.” 
Abhijit Avasthi, founder, Sideways, said, “Even the most intelligent and discerning customer is susceptible to ‘stories’ when they stand in the personal care aisle in a store. With attractive bottles, each communicating its own story, do we really turn the bottle to look at facts? That’s why we want people to remember that ’stories’ don’t work on acne or hair fall- it’s the ingredients alone.”  
Nilay Moonje and Sameer Sojwal, creative heads, Sideways, said, “In this category, it is common practice to build an aura around the product. Sometimes it is the aura of ancient wisdom, divas, or scientific know-it-all. In comparison, Brillare’s new stance is refreshingly normal. We believed that just placing these contrasting personalities next to each other would make it abundantly clear to customers who are on their side. Even our ‘product window’ isn’t full of scientific diagrams or glamorous process shots; its purpose is simply to guide people on what they should look at when they pick up any personal care product.” 
Client: Brillare 
Agency: Sideways
Chief operating officer:  Dhananjay Wanare
Digital marketing lead: Maulik Gupta
Leadership team: Abhijit Avasthi, Sonali Sehgal
Creative: Sameer Sojwal, Nilay Moonje, Vaibhav Patil, Parantap Bhatt, Aakruti Bhatt, Deshna Gada
Account management: Vanita D’Mello, Ricky Barretto, Farzaad Dastoor
Strategy: Siddharth Mohanty, Amatulla Mukadam
Production house:  Hungry Films
Director: Vijay Sawant
Producers: Dharam Valia


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