Arati Rao
Sep 26, 2011

Bisleri moves on to a new peg through new TVC

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Red Lion has come up with a new campaign for mineral water brand Bisleri that features a new thought 'Stay Protected'. The baseline remains 'The sweet taste of purity'.

Ramesh Chauhan, chairman, Bisleri International, explained, "'The sweet taste of purity' is still there as a baseline, being the product attribute. Our headline for the campaign used to be 'Play safe' but we wanted to take it a little forward to 'Stay protected', giving the brand a little wider perspective of thinking ahead, while sticking to the old thought of safety and purity." 

Elsie Nanji, managing parter of Red Lion, said, "It's a mineral water, where everyone in the category is talking about 'pure' and 'safe', but how much can you really measure that? So we decided to shift it slightly to 'What does purity do for me?' In India, the problem is very different from any other country - here people buy bottled water to keep themselves safe from tap water. It's almost a generic benefit, but we're saying it for Bisleri now."

Talking about the creative, she said, "We had an emotional platform, a humorous slice-of-life platform and then we had this exaggerated humour concept, where we made the danger into a monster, and this became the route Bisleri decided to go with. I looked all over the world for a production partner, including Equinox, and finally called Ram Madhvani and requested him to work it out to our budget. It's been in production since March. There will be a lot of surround activity as well - outdoor and activations in malls."

The TVC opens on a Hamsa painting, as the characters make their way to a boat. In the middle of the lake suddenly, a monster and her baby emerge, and the baby eats up one of the characters. It isn't able to swallow him however, and the mother takes the Bisleri from the hands of the terrified man left in the boat, and gives it to the baby. The monsters thank the other man, who's extremely grateful at being spared and the new thought appears that says, "Stay protected".


Client: Bisleri
Agency: Publicis Red Lion
Creative team: Elsie Nanji, Tanuja Goyal
Production house: Equinox Films
Director: Ram Madhvani
Visual effects: Tata Elxsi


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