Bingo Tangles says it's hard not to share if you have one

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ITC Foods has launched a new TVC for its Bingo Tangles. The TVC created by Ogilvy & Mather Bengaluru went on air on 15 January. The TVC uses trademark humour associated with Bingo to highlight the brand’s proposition of being irresistible – ‘Khaoge to khilaoge’ (If you eat it, you will share it).

The TVC starts with a bus conductor trying to balance himself in a bus that is precariously hanging from a bridge. The bus is in danger of falling down, so passengers huddled at the back shout out to the conductor to stop moving. Even the bus driver warns him not to move as the bus will surely fall down if he does. The scared conductor assures him that he will not move. The driver starts offloading things such as a tiffin carrier and his wife's photograph to lessen the weight of the front of the bus. The conductor spots a packet of Bingo Tangles and without much hesitation leans ahead to pick it. He opens the pack and starts munching. As soon as he does, fireworks appear and he feels the urge to share it with the driver. Much to the horror of the passengers, he walks towards the driver and offers it to him. The driver is horrified as well. The voice over says, "Khaoge to khilaoge kyunki Bingo Tangles ke har strand mein hai itna swad ki khaoge toh khilaoge na. Naya Bingo Tangles."  The TVC ends with the driver, conductor and one of the passengers sharing the Bingo Tangles after the bus has fallen down the bridge. The conductor says, "Guru bola tha na, Khaoge to khilaoge."

Joono Simon, executive creative director, Ogilvy & Mather, Bengaluru, said, “The premise of the TVC is built around the concept of sharing. Bingo Tangles is basically irresistible and one would drop everything and rush to grab one. This is the starting point from where we developed the commercial. The brand has always used a whacky sense of humour and the campaign is in line with the overall tonality of the brand.”

The film has been produced by Soda Films. The campaign will also have activation legs.


Client:  ITC Foods (Bingo Tangles)

Creative Agency:  Ogilvy & Mather, Bengaluru

Creative team:

Executive creative director: Joono Simon,

Senior creative director: Shamik SenGupta

Associate Creative Director: Shekar Hebbale

Copywriter: Vignesh Raja

Vice president- account management: Tithi Ghosh

Account director: Pradeep Rao

Account supervisor: Varun Rathish

Production house: Soda Films


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