Campaign India Team
Jun 28, 2022

AU Bank's LIT credit card gives its user the power to swing their finances

Watch the film here

AU Small Finance Bank has rolled out a campaign to highlight its recently launched LIT (Live It Today) Credit Card facility, which empowers young, digital-savvy cardholders the power to make their choices. The film showcases the card’s ability to customise the benefits as per the needs of its owner. 
Each of the three films uses humour to demonstrate how LIT credit card owners can select benefits as per their lifestyle and choose a pricing in tandem with their needs and convenience of switching their benefits on and off as and when they please. 
Uttam Tibrewal, executive director, AU Small Finance Bank, said, “Technology and a customer-targeted approach have always helped us bring about the disruption that addresses every aspect of our customer’s ever-evolving needs. Over the years, we learned that the fast-paced advancement in technology and accelerated use of the internet has changed what today’s digital-savvy customers want – more control and pay on-the-go. As we built a product for this new-age customer segment, we consciously chose digital platforms and a snackable format for marketing. The digital campaign of LIT Credit Card is a performance-driven marketing campaign focusing on lead generation. To capture the product proposition most effectively, the overall marketing campaign effectively captures the theme of ‘One credit card. Many possibilities. All in your control.”
The film is being aired on the brand’s YouTube channel. 
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