Apple's Christmas ad preaches acceptance

The message is 'Open your heart to everyone'

Nov 23, 2016 05:54:00 AM | Video | Shona Ghosh

Apple has released an off-kilter Christmas ad which stars Frankenstein's monster trying to fit in with his community during the festive season.
The ad opens with an obviously lonely monster called Frankie using his iPhone to record and rehearse a Christmas carol.
He then attaches some festive lights to his neck screws before heading to the town's Christmas tree to serenade his neighbours, to their initial horror.
Eventually, one child joins in his carol before the rest of the town does. The ad closes with the message: "Open your heart to everyone".
It is difficult not to read this as a statement on 2016 after a spike in hate crimes in the US and UK, after the US election and EU referendum respectively.
Amazon last week unveiled its own more overtly political Christmas ad, showing an imam and a vicar having tea together and finding problems in common (video not viewable in India). 
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