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May 30, 2016

Anchor Fans takes on Havells' 'Hawa badlegi' premise, with 'Soch badlo' stance

Watch the ad films conceptualised by Brand Whiz here

Anchor Fans has rolled out a three-film campaign conceptualised by Brand Whiz. Two of the three films are currently on air.
The films see the brand adopt a 'Soch badlo' (Change the thinking) positioning, with the added line 'Hawa toh badalthi rahegi' (The winds will keep changing) seemingly targeted at competitor Havells' 'Hawa badlegi' (The winds of change) `campaigns.  
This isn't the first time the brands are engaged in a competitive ad war. Anchor had complained circa 2007 that Havells switches' 'Shock laga' campaign were inspired by its ad from 2000, which also featured a man who suffers shock with hair standing on end.   
One of the films of Anchor's current campaign is set in a house. A man sipping tea at the dining table sees his son walk in after a game of football. As he sits on the couch, the father asks him whether he's like to celebrate his upcoming birthday at home or at a resort. The boy's mother walks in and switches on the fan in the room. A paper flies towards the boy. He sees that it's a leaflet about an orphanage encouraging charity. Inspired, the boy tells his father that he'd like to celebrate his birthday at an orphanage instead. The father looks pleased. The film ends with a voice over which says 'Soch badlo' (Change the thinking) as 'Hawa toh badalti rehegi' (The winds will keep changing). 

The second film featuring friends in a college canteen follows on similar lines, taking on littering in public.   
Both the films end showcasing Anchor (by Panasonic) fans and the tagline, 'Nayi hawa, nayi soch' (New winds, new thinking). 
View a film from Havells' 'Hawa badlegi' campaign here.

Client: Panasonic (Anchor Fans)
Agency: Brand Whiz
Agency creatives: Rohan Patankar, Nikkil Vijaykumar
Production house: Movie Pundits
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