Pooja Ahuja Nagpal
Jan 17, 2013

Ambipur proves it can transform rooms from ‘smelly to smiley', with a blind test

Watch the ad film created by Grey India 

Ambipur has launched a new TVC to showcase the tranformative ability of its air fresheners. The film created by Grey India went on air on 1 January.  

The commercial aims to create awareness among people about their surroundings and also of the ability of the fresheners to convert the air from ‘smelly to smiley.'

The TVC features an experiment scenario. Leftovers, used socks, fish bones and other smelly things are kept in a room, and Ambipur air freshener is sprayed all over. The experiment goes on to demonstrate that unlike other air fresheners, the fragrance of Ambipur does not mingle with the stink in the room. The brand claims to have got in real people (as against actors) to wear a blindfold and enter the room. They are asked for reactions to the smell in the room. Respondents, oblivious to the garbage around them, say that the room smells ‘flowery, fruity, has a mountain-like feel to it’. One of the respondents even sings a love ballad. On removing the blindfold, respondents are amazed to see the actual surroundings. They say that they cannot believe that they can get such a fresh smell despite the mess around them. The TVC ends saying: “Ambipur: Badbu mitaye, Khushiyan laye!”

Payal Vaidya, group creative director, P&G, Grey India, said, “This was a fun yet challenging task. We did a live demo with real people to show them real proof. We wanted them to believe that Ambi Pur really works. If one of your senses is taken away the others double up. In this case we blindfolded them, which made their sense of smell even stronger. People went beyond what they could smell and related the fragrance to their memories, which only demonstrated the efficacy of the product.”

The campaign will have a digital run on Facebook and will also have visibility in stores.


Client: P&G
Creative agency: Grey India

Executive creative director, Grey NY- Per Pedersen
Group creative director, Grey Mumbai- Payal Vaidya

Account director- Siddika Dehlvi
Account manager- Sriya Sengupta

Films department:
Films director – Sharad Shinde
Client Associate marketing director- Sweta Mehra
Brand manager- Ryan Dullea
Associate brand manager- Feifei Lu  
Production house – Native Works
Directors – Shirsha Guha Thakurta
Producers – Prithvi Raj Luthra & Shivani Bedi
DOP – Adil Afsar
VO & music – Smita Malhotra, Payal Vaidya 
Brand voice over –Smita Malhotra, Payal Vaidya
Music – Global AmbiPur Track
Editing – Ernest D'Souza  

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