Aircel dramatises the ubiquitous web, pushes ‘free basic internet’

Watch the ad film conceptualised by DDB Mudra North here

Nov 24, 2015 10:22:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Aircel has rolled out a campaign which consists of two TVCs conceptualised by DDB Mudra North.
The films communicate the network provider's offer of 'Free Basic Internet Surfing' with every new connection. The films adopt a sing-song style interspersed with dialogue, against a background score (See you online-ba) that adds to the quirky feel.
One of the films opens in a school teacher’s room. The narrator reveals that student Bunty is weak in studies and engaged in naughty acts.  When teacher says he wants to see the boy’s father at 9, the student responds that his father will meet, but online, leaving the teacher startled. In a house, the domestic help informs her employer that she'll work only Mon to Fri (Monday to Friday), as on the weekends, she'll be online. A cart driver is up next, voicing the ‘See you online ba’ message. A voice over and visuals introduce the offer of free basic internet with every new Aircel connection.

Another film shows a boy walking through a dingy street while using his phone. He's approached by three goons who look to loot him. Unfazed, he tells them to chill, and that if they have the guts they should meet him online, before walking away. In another instance, a man who is hiccuping, goes to meet his boss. The boss shouts at him, throws some papers and asks him to meet him online instead, before the offer is introduced.
The films went on air on 17 November.
Client: Aircel
Agency: DDB Mudra North