AdAsia 2011: In conversation with Kelly Clark

A catch up with Maxus’ global CEO, Kelly Clark at AdAsia 2011

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Kelly Clark, CEO, Maxus Worldwide gave a candid interview to Campaign India on the sidelines of AdAsia 2011.

On where he sees the growth coming from in Maxus India, he said that while the agency was among the Top 5 for Maxus globally, he expected same level of growth in the next five years. “I expect the growth to come from our highly ambitious existing client base including Vodafone, Nokia and  Perfetti ;  by winning market share in the market through new clients; and by establishing global alignments.”

When asked about the media opportunity of F1 in India, he said, “Across WPP, various companies are involved in Formula 1. It is incredibly exciting that this opportunity has opened up in India and I am sure that many brands across Maxus and Group M will look at the link between their brands and the huge following of F1. While it is a great marketing platform, the trick is to activate these associations in as many channels as possible.”

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